This is an example of how you can make cash on Kipi:


1. Donate R500 and claim R1 000 after 3-5 months; claim R5 000 after 9-12 months; claim R10 000 after 12-16 months.

2. Donate R1 000 and claim R1 000 after 3-5 months; claim R10 000 after 9-12 months; claim R15 000 after 11-15 months; R20 000 after 12-15 months.

3. Donate R2 000 and claim R4 000 after 3-5 months; claim R15 000 after 7 - 10 months; claim R25 000 after 9-12 months; claim R40 000 after 12-15 months.

4. Donate R5 000 and claim R10 000 after 3-5 months; claim R20 000 after 6-9 months; claim R30 000 after 9-12 months; claim R100 000 after 12-15 months.

In fact you can deposit from as little as R100 and the profits exclude referral bonuses. There is also a 5 level deep structured referral commission. After buying your dreams you will receive an sms on daily bases notifying you about the growth of your income until it reaches maturity. 

Earn EXTRA cash without violating any law


KIPI COMMUNITY (Unique and classic)

No monthly payments,
No need to recruit (optional),
No selling of any products,
No buying of any products,
No manager or owner in handling of funds,
No company or firm to deposit your money to,
No company or firm to receive withdrawal from,
No LAW against Kipi community practices


Live - Dream - Create with Kipi


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